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The Norah Store is an online platform to discover independent brands, designers and makers sourcing unique takes on timeless goods so that you don’t have to.

Through a community of slow, sustainable, and female-led brands we provide our customer with a conscious and complete shopping experience that will make them feel and look great

In its early years, The Norah Store focused on sourcing hand-picked vintage clothing in an effort to give Manchester the option of a slower shopping experience than the high-street offers.

Today, company founder Elizabeth Morgan, alongside her small team, commits herself to discovering clothes, accessories and lifestyle products that strike the balance between the high-street and designer, curating a collection that’s as kitsch as it is colourful, with modern takes on the mid-century, in a nod to the vintage roots of the shop. 

With a one-stop shop ethos that invites customers to browse their selection of sustainably practising brands, The Norah Store believes that there is an ethical way of gifting ourselves as well as the planet. Informed by the demands of women akin to those behind Norah, who wish for a more exciting alternative within the world of online shopping, The Norah Store aspires to share with the world the independent sellers that are making fashion and lifestyle fun again!