A virtual hello

Elizabeth Morgan

Hi everyone!

First of all for any confusion about the blog image - this is my cheese plant and its new leaf which was a ray of sunshine during this week's isolation.  I thought it would be a good place to start!

I have been thinking about ways in which I can communicate and engage with customers more whilst in COVID-19 lockdown especially for those customers (hi mum!) who aren't on social media.   I personally find email newsletters clog up my inbox and mostly get left unread *, so I thought that I would create this blog as sort of an online newsletter which you can check up on for updates and info.

I am missing the shop lots - I love being in store, merchandising and chatting to customers.  I feel like selling online is a much more 'behind the scenes' approach for me, which if you know me is not how I like to operate!

The good news is that, after a few days of moping and mourning the temporary closure our little shop on Little Underbank, I have stepped up and ensured that every item that goes out is gift wrapped to perfection! 

We have new branded flyers and stickers designed by the wonderful Emily Flanagan, each item comes wrapped in tissue paper so perfect for gifting to whoever you are missing in this time.  We can also handwrite notes for gifts - just let us know.

We have also upgraded our sustainability factor - all orders now come nestled in tissue paper in a 100% recyclable cardboard box.  We do also aim to reuse packaging, and I have wonderful friends and neighbours who all contribute clean used packaging to ensure that we reuse waste before buying new.

This time has really allowed me to take a step back and look at the business with fresh eyes and to decide where I want it to go.  I've been in touch with some fantastic new brands and designers which I cannot wait to announce including our first foray into .... shoes!

Whilst the lockdown has definitely made me miss being in the shop, it has made me aware that we need a better vintage offering online.  Moving forward, we will be working hard to ensure that every piece of divine handpicked vintage is shot, styled and on the website with full description and measurements.  

I cannot wait to be back in Stockport with Norah Studios girls and Still Life Story.  We have only just begun and we cannot wait to share our excitement with you!

Stay safe and take care,

Elizabeth x



* One newsletter that does not get left unread is the fabulous The '92 by my friend and collaborator Charlotte Moore , sign up here if you fancy a good read!

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